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We are proud to introduce ZERO CBD.

ZERO CBD is the first Indian CBD brand to infuse Synthetic CBD in its entire range of products. CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp /cannabis plants. CBD is used for its various properties including treating inflammation, seizures and anxiety. In general, natural CBD refers to any CBD which is obtained from cannabis sativa plants while synthetic CBD is made using chemical or biological processes in the lab, such as using yeast. Natural CBD is controlled under the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Substances under schedule 1. This is a major reason why CBD remains a controlled substance in regions like the US and EU. In contrast, synthetic CBD is not subject to international control as a narcotic, as it is not specifically mentioned by the UN Single Convention, which refers only to substances derived from “the flowering or fruiting tops of the cannabis plant”.

Many commonly used, over-the-counter supplements such as vitamin C & D are not organic compounds but synthetically produced in a lab. Although they are not derived from a natural source such as fruit, they are still bioidentical to the natural compounds. The same is true for CBD although not derived from the cannabis plant, synthetic CBD compounds are identical to the natural cannabinoid, and work on the body in the exact same way.
Infact, the synthetic route actually uses fewer chemicals than solvent & gas extraction, making it more eco friendly. There is also no need for fertilizers or pesticides & thus no risk of residues. And there is no risk of dangerous, potentially cancer causing mycotoxins, which is an ongoing challenge for cannabis/hemp growers everywhere. All good for humans. In addition to being purer, each batch is consistent, free from pesticides, and traceable. 

Our entire product range is formulated and manufactured indigenously. All our products are THC-Free(0% THC-Third party lab tested). Each product has been individually tested for safe consumption for humans by Ayush Recognised Laboratory, and Batch wise Certificate of analysis included with every product. Product range includes CBD Isolate Oil Tinctures, Broad Spectrum CBD oil tinctures, CBD mouth freshener sprays, CBD infused Gummy Candies and synthetic CBD Isolates.

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